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Call us today to schedule your yearly inspection!

Easy chimney inspections

Warm your home or business

When you're looking for a cost effective and beautiful way to make your house feel like a home, you can rely on us for professional, expert installation of a new fireplace or chimney.


If you already have a fireplace or chimney and it's smoking when you're using it, call us for your yearly inspection and get it cleaned out so you can start using it again!

Make your home warm and inviting with the flip of a switch! No firewood to fiddle with, just steady, cozy fire you can take advantage of any time.

Prevent your chimney from costly repairs with a chimney cap or cover, offered in a large variety of styles to fit your chimney perfectly.

From chimney liners to firebox repairs, we have the knowledge and experience to fix your fireplace right the first time.

Leaks can cause major trouble in your chimney and fast.  Call today to discuss your chimney damage with our professional staff.

Fireplace and Chimney Installations