For liability purpose, we do not install products that were not purchased through us. This is done on a project by project basis and determined by the lead technician.

Gas Service Calls $349

During the time of the appointment, the unit will be serviced and inspected, as well as making the unit operational within the technician's power. The only time the price will change is if during the inspection a faulty part (s) is found. In the event this happens you'll be responsible for any additional parts and labor needed to get your fireplace functional.

This service charge includes 1 warranty call within the first 30 days of the original appointment. A warranty call does not include relighting your pilot light. All service calls our techs go over in detail how to operate the fireplace including relighting your pilot, so we ask that you do please pay attention. If you need us to come back out, then a trip charge fee will be assigned.

Level 1 Inspection Only $229

This is for project consultations and inspections if you want to make modifications to your fireplace. This fee is not deducted from the cost of the project.

Level 1 Chimney Sweep with Inspection $299 (2-hour service)

This is if your chimney has been cleaned in the last 1-2 years and it includes a visual safety inspection.

Level 2 Inspection Only $319

Level 2 Chimney Sweep with Inspection $369 (3-hour service)

This is if your chimney hasn't been cleaned in 2 + years and covers up to 3 hours of cleaning and includes a Level 2 inspection which includes an interior and exterior inspection of firebox, flue system and a trip to your roof. This is needed for the sale or purchase of a home. If you need repairs or want to make any modifications to your fireplace.

Add On Hourly Rate $150
Gas Line Rune $495 for the first 10 ft $10 ft after
Removal of Gas Logs $349

Measurements for Chimney Cap / Shroud / Pan$229

Unless it is assigned as an inspection and you are already there, this fee is for the time and risk taken to get on a roof and take measurements. If it's a complicated roof, you should add $150 an hour to this standard price which should be 1.5 hours to set up.This is NOT included in the price of the chimney cover and for the measurements.


All estimates MUST have either a Project Consult or Level 2 Inspection before it can be drawn up.

  • Add Gas Starter - $200
  • Add Log Grate - $80
  • Media Refresh - $150

  • Fireplace Makeovers
  • Refractory Panel Replacement
  • Glass Door Replacement
  • Dryer Vent Sweeps